Utah’s version of bartending | USA Road Trip: Day 4

We spent another day in St. George Utah and got to try something new! Fiiz Drinks is something we had never heard of but apparently, it’s popular in Utah! We’ve been learning so much on the 6-month road trip traveling full time!

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10 thoughts on “Utah’s version of bartending | USA Road Trip: Day 4

  1. I’m like Makenna with music! I like everything but not everything. LOL I’m big on R&B hip hop, old school hip hop, 80s and 90s music for sure. Road trips are definitely 80s on repeat!!!

  2. Ha. Mackenna reorganizing her clothes a few days in! You guys are so organized! You guys should get in contact with Cody Jensen (https://www.youtube.com/user/codylynnjensen) when you get to New York City and maybe do a vlog collab. Him and his wife have a great YouTube channel where they vlog about living in New York City. Great video by the way. I’m looking forward to following you all on your journey across the United States.

  3. OMG I loved Aquarius! I miss it so much that was like all I drank when we visited my grandparents

  4. I always listen to throwback music on road trips. 90s and 2000s or like classic rock. I also will have a Disney playlist sometimes because I’m a huge Disney fan

  5. You guys aren’t coming to la? I know it’s super close to Vegas lol but would be cool if you guys did a meet up here!

  6. In 6 months, I would aim to hit all 50. Or at least the 49 that you can get to in a car. You guys are going to come close to my hood but will be a few hours away. Have a good time!

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