US VISA Changes: Good or Bad? 5 Year Social Media History


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10 thoughts on “US VISA Changes: Good or Bad? 5 Year Social Media History

  1. Hey Harnoor, is pursuing post graduate diploma abroad after doing B.E. in India of any worth?

  2. I have already gotten the visa and this social media info option is new. What do I do?

  3. Does no one remember TRUMP’s speech? He already said he wants way more immigrants etc to create more jobs and that there are more and more jobs that need to be filled in. yet the media says otherwise such as “he hates immigrants” lol. I mean the article you mentioned is clear contradictory evidence in comparison to how the media reports on this stuff

  4. I would be good enough If I enroll now again
    Because I only use primarily Linkedin

  5. no problem just created a new Google acc link it with all your new insta youtube handle and watch pogo and trump speech …you will have your visa in no time

  6. Hi harnoor,I had a doubt. I have already filled out my ds-160 form,and no no where it was mentioned regarding social media. Any idea about to what will happen?

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