Update: New 2019 USCIS Income Policy Rule, for Visa to USA

I have a update things that are changing and updates to existing videos I did.

Well here is another video of the update to the one the other day I read and found some new rules. Please make sure you check with you attorney and or immigration lawyer because they are more knowledgable than me. This is for some of my Subscribers to look and decide what to do next..

Living in the philippines with costs and adventures. I will bring costs of visa’s and stamps. I will talk about the food and culture and the wonderful people and advice on dating and overall living costs of living, married to a filipina, How it is living in Mindinao Bukidnon philippines. We are here to help anyone that needs help.

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12 thoughts on “Update: New 2019 USCIS Income Policy Rule, for Visa to USA

  1. What’s the sad part of it is is the people that might want to legitimately visit America. Most people except Western countries don’t make $62,000 a year. I’m wondering once my wife leaves the US if she’ll ever be able to come back for a visit? Thanks again Tom. Really appteciate your service. And most Definitly your friendship.

  2. Thank goodness I’m planning on going back to the Philippines. We don’t qualify for it, and we’ve been on the doe at times though no cash Aid. My attitude is if I qualify for it I’m going to apply for it. It’s too bad Congress can’t just set a law where if they don’t want new immigrants getting food stamps then there should be a law stating that. My wife asked me that the other day and I had to explain to her things aren’t as simple as we’d like. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing because I see it from both sides. But like I said on the other post why is it that it’s okay that we have cost overruns for f-35s for example and nobody says a word and those planes don’t even work. Lol. I don’t say this from the anti-military perspective because I’m Pro military but at least I’m objective. GREAT GREAT TOPIC-THANK YOU!!!

  3. Hi sir. I filed the I 130 for my wife and my child on September 10, 2019. Will the new rule be applied on me? Because my case may get approved way after October 15. Will I be able to find someone to be a co-sponsor as I filed before October 15?
    Thanks so much

  4. I am a U.S. citizen living in Colombia with my new spouse….same sex marriage. We have a very large age difference and he will finish university with degree in January, or February. My civil service retirement system pension is around $72,000/year which is good. My spouse applied for the B2 Tourism Visa. We supplied immigration with the copy of marriage certificate, verification of my pension, proof of hotel reservations for the 8-10 day trip from travel agency. My spouse was interviewed in Bogota by a female who had a very stern unfriendly look on her face when she interviewed him. She asked questions about our ages and said we needed to take some other trips first and denied him the B2 Visa. We may try again for the B2 early next year. We may also apply for the CR1 Spouse Visa late next year, but I have serious doubts we will be treated fairly by immigration officers. I have concluded that a lot of people are not getting treated fairly and it will only get much worse. We think that we were discriminated against because of our age differences and because we are same sex couple. I really think the U.S. government should refund the money to people if their visa applications are denied.

  5. Good day Tom I’m confused of the said income do you mean to say that the petitioner should have income 62k a year before applying to change of status. Or the 62k is for both husband and wife income yearly. I am waiting for my K1visa and my interview soon. THANK YOU for your reply. Have a nice day

  6. …and once again, legal American citizens, after contributing for decades, getting screwed again.
    Meanwhile, in Dreamer Land…. 😩

  7. I have a question as far as which program participation will red flag you when filing for change of status. The only benefit my wife currently receives is health insurance provided by the New York State. We receive no other assistance. Will this red flag her when she applies for change of status in a year?

    1. Tom and Ruth Philippine Adventures i work and my wife is in the process of finding a job. So the $62000 requirement will be met. My concern was uscis red flagging her for the state insurance. We are trying to find her a job that will provide health benefits so we can get off the state health insurance.

    2. You should be fine
      .but for sure contact a immigration attorney..there are some.free online.attorneys. online that will help for sure. Thank you for your comment and watching

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