5 thoughts on “Traveling in Canada – how I found it different from the United States

  1. Hi Jerry going to have to catch up been away . First I am way down east here and have enjoyed your videos as for going on an afternoon drive will never get me there hahahahah.
    so looking at your videos on a 60 inch screen, well now we be talking. hahaha Your comments are so true… For us going to the USA It is easier and cheaper to buy a Phone or buying an SD card and putting it in your phone. Sometimes you well find that a Province/State is it’s own world or sometime I thing it is more like a Region. And just as in the US the closer to the City the better every thing is. Like the East is from the West, the North from the South. The Best part of all this is we still get to pick our poison, as my Dad would say. hahah.. So with all this I hope you enjoyed your stay, if not well you can come back an try it again. PS leave the mud. hahahahah

  2. Hi Jerry I just watched your video and thought I would share my Canadian perspective of your assessment.

    1) I have seen most truck stops recede from full service facilities to commercial cardlocks with nothing more than a convenience store. You can thank our oil companies for this as they aim to increase their profit margins. The good thing is a lot of cardlocks do sell pump DEF but unless you are an account holder you won’t be able to use this service.
    2) It has been the norm for many years to see one highway tractor pulling 2 full length 53′ trailers on most major highways throughout western Canada. Again this came to be because the bigger trucking companies also aimed to increase their profit margins after deregulation came into effect.
    3) Most of the 4 lane highways in Canada are on par to your 70 MPH state highways in the USA.
    4) The only truck stops which did show growth in Canada were ironically the Flying J’s however since they merged with Pilot a few years ago that growth seems to have flat-lined also. They discontinued their own eat in restaurants and sold the contract to Denny’s.
    5) Because of NAFTA most retail prices in Canada are the USA equivalent price converted to CAD and then local Canadian taxes applied.
    6) To my knowledge the only retail store in Canada which will accept USD for payment and give a fair conversion is WalMart because it is a USA company.
    7) It is true my own Canadian bank always asks to see my client card before it will sell me any foreign currency. You are better just off to go to an ATM and withdraw CAD money from your USA account direct.
    8) Iced tea is only sold sweetened everywhere in Canada although I also prefer unsweetened ice tea. I spent some time in Oklahoma a few years back and used to frequent the Quik-Trip stores to buy their unsweetened ice tea.
    9) The Canadian telecommunications industry is monopolized by 3 main carriers; Telus, Bell and Rogers. All other carriers including the USA providers have to buy air time through the big 3. Canada also has the most expensive cellphone coverage in the developed world. It is more advantageous for a visitor to just buy a sim card and subscribe to a Canadian provider for the duration of your stay.
    10) The portable credit card machines are common place in most restaurants and pubs now.
    11) I regularly buy my fuel at Superstore which recently re branded all their fuel islands to Mobil however I have always been asked to enter a pre-authorized amount for many years.

    Canada is still a good place to travel with lots of scenery and history so I hope you have enjoyed your stay with us.

  3. 2 trailers is called doubles 3 is triples, legal in 13 states in the US FedX uses triples quite a bit.

  4. Hey Jerry. Thanks for this! I’m in Western New York and have been thinking about going up through Toronto and enjoying that part of Canada but have had some concerns that your video answered or addressed. Thanks again really enjoy your videos. -Kirk

  5. Thanks for the summary. Interesting for me as a Canadian to listen to outside viewpoints. I encourage you to also visit some of Canada east of Winnipeg.

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