Travel USA: Exploring Beyond New York City, Finger Lakes|ZeeGoes

Beyond the pretty small city of New York are a lot of amazing towns and cities that showcase so much beauty of what New York state is about. First stop was about 5 days spent taking in the beauty of the Finger Lakes. I visited only Keuka Lake and Seneca Lake area during this visit. Enjoy my short video highlighting my favorites bits of what I experienced.

My Guardian article pretty much ties it all together:

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13 thoughts on “Travel USA: Exploring Beyond New York City, Finger Lakes|ZeeGoes

  1. Great vid! Your voice is so soothing 😍I love the songs you chose! And all the different shots and cuts are awesome! It was great meeting you at the conference, even though we didn’t realize it was each other! LMAO

  2. I hear the finger lakes are amazing! I am actually based not too far away from there! Great video I will have to visit sometime!

  3. We were just in New York if we had seen this vid we might have traveled up to Finger Lakes. It looks awesome.

  4. This looks awesome. I’ve never been anywhere other than New York (boooo) so thanks for the video. <3

  5. I was right there with you, Zee! Excellent video/overview. Finger Lakes is one of my favorite regions of New York State!

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