18 thoughts on “The Highest Mountain Peaks in the USA

  1. Your photo of Crestone Peak in Colorado was actually a photo of Crestone Needle, an adjacent Peak, but also a 14er and not on your list. You also left off your list several Colorado peaks which should have been listed. Mt of the Holy Cross is not among the 50 highest.

  2. I live in Colorado we have many mountains! It’s a great place for vacation I totally suggest visiting! Pikes peak is our tallest mountain and you can see it threw out almost every part of Colorado very beautiful place 💜

    1. Bitch you are a fucking lier. Pikes Peak is the 3rd fucking highest point in Colorado. 2nd is Longs peak and first is My Elbert. Also even though My Elbert is the highest point in C it is the easiest to climb.

    2. Salem Witch the tallest and highest mountain in colorado is actually mount elbert which was on this list

  3. this list is wrong. there are 68 14ers in the u.s. 54 in colorado 12 in California and 2 in Washington. not even including alaska

    1. There are not two 14ers in Washington. My Rainier is a 14er, but the second tallest, Mt Adams, is 12,276 ft

    1. +Tony Bong Yep. Mauna Loa is the biggest, and Mauna Kea is the tallest (measured from the sea floor)

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