The Grand Circle: USA Road Trip

Road trip through USA’s most incredible national parks.

I went on a 2 week journey through some of the most beautiful places in the world, as we travel through Zion, Bryce, Arches, Mesa Verde & The Grand Canyon.

Travelling through 4 different states: Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona, The Grand Circle loop really showcases the best of America.

Our journey begins with Zion National Park, included the Angel’s Landing trail.

Then onto Bryce Canyon National Park for the Peek-a-boo loop.

Next we head through Capitol Reef to Moab to explore Arches, Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point.

Turning south we go to Colorado to check out Mesa Verde National Park.

Finally we head passed Monument Valley to Grand Canyon National Park, where I hike the Bright Angel trail to the bottom and back in one day.

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18 thoughts on “The Grand Circle: USA Road Trip

  1. On this trip we went to some of the most STUNNING national parks in the USA!! Of course there’s plenty more to see, which other ones would you recommend to see? Yosemite and Yellowstone are 2 of my other favourites.

    Btw, this is a re-upload of an old video due to copyright issues with the music.

  2. This is so high on my bucket list, saving it for when the GBP to USD exchange rate improves! Great video as always, thank you ☺️

  3. Instead of the vegas strip, check out valley of fire just north of vegas…. or if you must stay in town, treat yourself to a spa…

  4. one word. Thank you. great video. America the beautiful, gorgeous place
    .can’t wait to go back there for a holiday someday in the future

  5. great presentation. taking it slow and not rushing to show bits and pieces of a place but show it’s entire scenery in a slow not hurried way. beautiful narrative and well spoken and also holding the camera steady and showing the view clearly. thanks for the video. takes me back to 1996 in the grand Canyon n p with my sister. we had fun in USA west coast including Hawaii. would go back to America someday

  6. Karl….you need to get a deal with Netflix. I can hardly stop watching! (I equate to you to “departures” on Netflix) which I loved from 10 yrs ago… (production time.) Yours, a great production value: cinematography: interest level: editing; etc… Humble opinion is sound is loud on music over lay and slightly low on voice sometimes. You could do like eight episodes in a year? Then all air at the same time. God i sound like an agent now that i read back. I just want to say you’re doing a Great job…for sure. (opinions not based on this particular episode neccesarliy) haha

    1. Haha this episode is one of the first I ever made, still figuring out what I was doing 😊

  7. Loved this video Karl! I visited many of the same parks last year when I drove from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas and this brought back great memories. If you ever get the chance I recommend including Antelope and Horseshoe Bend Canyons in Page AZ. Not necessarily great hikes but still amazing natural beauty and pretty convenient to include on a visit to this area of the US. I would love to see your take on Yellowstone. I also recommend visiting some of them at night; I did some nighttime long exposure and time lapse shots in Arches and Zion and the stars were amazing and I basically had the parks to myself.

    1. Cheers! Yeah went to Horseshoe and Antelope a couple of years ago, loved it! 😊

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