Thru Tunnels & Mountains 10 States 6000 Mile Epic USA Drive pt 2

We finally get into the Mountains on our way across the Southwest States. Music “5 cents back” “Autumn Sunset” by Jason Shaw

Tijuana Border: A baby born during travel as part of Mexico caravan is in intensive care

Juana is only 51 days old. She is part of the migrant caravan hoping to get to the United States, but she can’t move anywhere now. Conditions in the camp have deteriorated significantly as the city attempts to bring in resources from the federal government including toiletries. The doctors working Continue Reading

United States of America visa and immigration

صفحة عربي في الغربة موقع لحجز الفنادق و الرحلات عاجل : بهذه الطريقة تحصلت على تأشيرة بريطانيا | visa uk | تأشيرة انجلترا 2018 🇲🇽 visa mexique 🇲🇽 تأ شيرة المكسيك – كيف تحصل على فيزا لدخول المكسيك الفرق بين طلب تأشيرة سياحية و طلب تأشيرة Continue Reading

A new migrant caravan: 2,000 Honduran migrants traveling toward Mexico

Roughly 2000 Honduran migrants are making their way toward Mexico, fleeing violence and poverty in search of a better life. The U.S. has threatened to pull financial support for Honduras if the migrants continue their journey north.