Should I go for Bachelor or Master Degree from USA | F1 visa

In this video, we discuss the benefits or disadvantages of doing Bachelor degree or Masters degree from USA.

Should I do Bachelor or Masters from the USA

Benefits of doing Bachelors from USA
You will learn the system of study
You will be fluent in the language spoken in that country
You will get the chance to find a job and apply for it ( Opt only for a year)
You might find the course which you can’t get admission in your native country due to low grades.

Disadvantages of doing Bachelors:
Chances to get visa are less, have to have strong bank statement
You have to pay for 4 years , that can be costly
You will not be able to spend time with family

Benefits of doing Masters from USA:
You will get OPT for 3 years after your master, that helps for sure to land you in a job.
You have chances to get GA or TA to cover your expense
There is extra quota (20k) for students who have done masters from USA in work visa lottery.
Getting visa will be easy as compared to Bachelors
You will be paying less money that means you will be showing less bank on bank statement.
You have more chances to get marry in USA and settle.
Disadvantages for Masters :
You will spend less time in USA, you might have difficulty to pick the language.