Phoenix, Arizona, USA. But what’s the cost? | How expensive is travelling the world?

Hello everyone, welcome to another episode in our ‘What’s the cost?’ travel vlog series.

Follow us as we backpack around the world and find out how much it costs for two people to visit different cities and countries (on a backpackers budget).
We’ll be letting you know the prices for things like accommodation, food and travel to help you plan your own visit.
New episodes will be released each Sunday (wifi connection permitting) so subscribe and keep an eye out for more.

The idea for this vlog came after we decided in late 2017 to quit our jobs, move out of our flat and use our savings to travel the world in 2018.
Quite a daunting experience, leaving our comfortable lives behind to head into the unknown and live out of a backpack for a year. No home comforts we’d been used to for so long, no income and even with all the planning and budgeting, no idea how things would turn out.
We wanted to use our time (and keep our brains active!) to document our experiences for us, for our friends and family and for anyone else wondering if they should take the risk
and decide to pack it all in too.
So far, things have pretty much gone to plan, but keep watching for more videos as we get further into our year of adventure.

All video’s are shot on the iPhone 7 plus at 1080p 60fps and the Iconntechs 4k action camera at 1080p 60fps.
Videos are edited using the standard iMovie software.

Background music produced by me in Ableton Live with a Novation Launchpad.

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Thanks, M & L.