Nevada Mines Desert & Mountains Epic drive USA pt 9

We hit Nevada and head for the Abandoned Mining areas! My favourite place for mines!

Music “5 cents back” “Nickel Rock” by Jason Shaw

4 thoughts on “Nevada Mines Desert & Mountains Epic drive USA pt 9

    1. Nice! I wanna take my trailer down and plunk it in the desert and live there but no one will give me a green card! LOL! More Nevada stuff coming up! Thanks for watching Fred!

  1. that is funny u said yes that u are us citizen. i be like Ontario yes that’s that other states north.of alaska. beside that little wall

    1. LOL! Ya, I’m not too proud to be Canadian lately, rather live in the States! We are taxed to death up here and pay high prices for everything and it seems to be getting worse! The highest US gas is still lower than our lowest priced gas! I realize prices go up everywhere but Canada seems to be the worst! Not sure why! Thanks for watching!

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