My Amazing Trip To The USA | Travel Vlog

A small overview of the long trip to the USA itself since I didn’t have enough courage to film more!

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14 thoughts on “My Amazing Trip To The USA | Travel Vlog

  1. Have you ever visited the USA? Where do you currently live? What countries would you love to visit? ☺️

    1. ItsJustMikee Thank you so much ☺️I appreciate you taking time for the note
      Please check out my other videos and don’t forget to subscribe 😇

    1. Moner Putul I just subscribed! ☺️ Please make sure to subscribe and thanks again for taking the time to watch and comment your nice note ☺️

    2. Besmet El Manel B welcome and keep creating more. Stay connected and please check out my new vlog series uploaded now 🙏😀

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