I GOT ON THE RADIO! – Road Trip USA Begins! Ep 1.

I GOT ON THE RADIO! – Road Trip USA Begins! Ep 1. Today we begin an epic road trip across the United Sates of America! And I got on the Radio! We drive from Miami to New Orleans and hit up some amazing places on the way!

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18 thoughts on “I GOT ON THE RADIO! – Road Trip USA Begins! Ep 1.

  1. Say what you’re coming to Phoenix! You got to take a drive to SOUTH MOUNTAIN PARK! You can drive to the top and you get to see the whole city and surrounding area! Its free. Its only like 15/20 mins drive from entrance to the top. Its a 2 lane only with lots of tight curves but if you go slow you will make it, pave road also. Its worth it if your here just for a couple days. Yea! Welcome to PHX!

  2. This will be one adventures roadtrip!! Let the mayhem begin!!!

  3. Great start to the adventure! Buckle up ladies and gentlemen! (Man, poor Frank! First sits waiting in the heat, then told to clean up the bug guts! Hahaha!)

  4. if you go to Austin, Tx, be sure to stop at Torchy’s Tacos…..& in New Orleans……muffalettas, poor boy sandwiches, beignets….😁😁😁

    1. I’ve been following you for over a year. If I’d known you were coming to New Orleans I coulda told you foods to try, places to go, but you posted the vlog after you were here. Take care in Mexico & safe, happy travels to you & Frank!!!! 😁💜💙💟

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