How I make MONEY and TRAVEL full time – USA Travel Vlog – Orlando, FL

The most common question I get is related to how I afford to travel.

For the most part, I’m less focused on making money, and just more strategic ways to save money. But, of course, I do need to make money every once, but when I do, I try to stick to what I love which is videography.

I’m fascinated with making videos, so over the past few years, I’ve been figuring out ways to work with brands and actually get paid to make videos.

This vlog is an example of some work I did with this RV company in Orlando. The video I made for them will be displayed on their website and social media.

Greenberg Rentals:

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Orlando, FL
Daytona Beach, FL
Ormond Beach, FL
St. Augustine, FL

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10 thoughts on “How I make MONEY and TRAVEL full time – USA Travel Vlog – Orlando, FL

  1. Firstly, my condolences. Stay strong Steve.
    Secondly, I cant’ belive this, I just left florida yesterday! Wish I could’ve met you. Maybe one day, your energy is contagious 🙂

  2. Steve loving the videos as always buddy! Sorry to hear about your grandfather, nothing but positive vibes and much love to you and the fam!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. If your doing any meet ups in Austin let me know. I can show you some local spots and greet views of the city

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  5. Sorry to hear that bro. You keeping it real. Like your Dad, your grandpa loves you for what you do. ☸”lifetime of adventure”☸, praising our God✝

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