#GME | Central American migrants travel through Mexico to reach United States

Thousands of Central American migrants are moving through Mexico with the goal of reaching the US, despite threats from US President Donald Trump to close the border.

Trump has called the group’s approach “a national emergency” and threatened to cut off aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in retaliation. He brought it up again at a rally in the state of Texas last night- here’s some of what he had to say What are the top stories today? Click to watch: https://www.youtube.com/user/Euronews/videos

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12 thoughts on “#GME | Central American migrants travel through Mexico to reach United States

  1. So the news is walking hand in hand with “ILLEGAL” immigrants breaking law after law through country after country because they want what whitey created.

  2. The majority of illegal centroamericans live in Florida the same state where Donald Trump launders drug money..

  3. All set up, organized and orchestrated by the CIA. Fake caravans… retrograde excuse to justify Trump’s huge and beautiful wall during mid term elections. If Trump really cared he would build a wall around the banana peninsula of Florida, state where the majority of illegals live.

  4. When they come into the US they’re a “caravan”, when they come into Canada, they’re “Irregular Arrivals”! Whatever happened to ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!

  5. It makes no sense to allow any of these people to enter the United States. The Obozo Era is over. No more rewarding bad behavior and allowing lawlessness.

  6. 2:17 the man with flag of Honduras. By every standard he is not a migrant, but an invader marching to conquer.

  7. Here comes the FAKE NEWS.. got ten women in the whole invaders caravan and you talk to just them! What about the 7 thousand young fighting punks that is There? Why didn’t you interview any of that scum? FKING FAKE NEWS SCUM!

  8. My grand parents endured the indignities of Ellis Island, got no government support and raised a family who all spoke English as a first language.

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