Everything you need to know about F1 USA Visa (Part 1) | List of Documents for F1 VISA | MS in USA

I cover all the documents you will need for F1 USA visa.F1 Visa is a huge topic to cover so I will break this into multiple video series. I started with the first part everything you need for preparing F1 Visa Interview.

Here’s the link for downloading the checklist:

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17 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about F1 USA Visa (Part 1) | List of Documents for F1 VISA | MS in USA

  1. Please guys
    I just want to know how much time the embassy takes to give you the visa F1 ????
    Please if any one knows that please tell me

  2. Hi Yudi
    I am at the verge of getting admit for Ms please can you tell me which uni will be better for Ms in mechanical engineering regarding overall expenses,education,job prospects,fundings,research
    Mit,stanford,caltech or uni california berkeley
    Thanks for take your time out
    I will be grateful if you reply

  3. Tomorrow is my visa interview any last minute tips to reduce nervousness. I am going for bachelor in journalism
    Also should we take documents in a folder

    1. Yes!
      Be calm and composed. Process your thoughts in head and then frame a sentence.
      Practice your answers.
      Be confident in your answers. Keep a smile.

      There is nothing to be nervous about.

  4. Hi Yudi. I have a question. While filling DS160 do I have to mention which University I’ll be going. I am asking this because I am waiting for a few other decisions. Meanwhile I am also thinking of applying for visa earliest. Or after filling ds160 ( assuming we have to fill which University I am going for) can I change it or inform them I am going for a different University at visa interview incase I receive another admit during waiting time for visa interview.

    1. But only after submitting the DS160 is when I can get an appointment for Visa Interview right ?

  5. Wow Yudi, great stuff! So very detailed! What was the best thing everyone learned from this video?

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