Beware of visa scams, fake job offers for USA | Malayalam

How to spot a fake job offer or fake visa for USA? This video covers some ways to identify scams and fraudsters who try to steal your identity and money by promising a job in USA or other western countries.

Some people who had seen my previous video on American visa types for Indians have contacted me asking about some visa and job offers they had received. You have be careful about such offers as there is a good chance of it being a scam.

My video about “American visa types for Indians” here –

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Hello!! I’m Ankitha Sreedhar, a Malayali living in USA. I do videos and vlogs about my life and experiences in America.

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10 thoughts on “Beware of visa scams, fake job offers for USA | Malayalam

  1. Very good video. There are lots of scams like these. The unfortunate thing is that educated people with post graduation etc also falls for these kinds of scams. Any job which asks you to send money is probably a fake one.
    Some of my friends were approached by these kind of scamsters who said they are based in London and wanted money to send offer lettersvisa. Luckily they felt this is scam and upon enquiry there is no company like this. There are government websites in most western countries which allow you to search for the existence of a company , address etc and that should be the first thing to check. If you find the company registered then, the next step should be to call the company directly (preferably landline) after getting number from their website and check . This is such that there are imposters who claim are from a certain company but are frauds.

    The bottom line is if any company asks for money before hand then the likely hood of it being a scam is very high.

  2. Good video Ankita epozhum ellavarkum ulla doubt Anu USA nu job nu pokanuath engane anenu and ente arivil ipol nurses neyum avar edukunilla pandu ayirunu RN exam ezhuthi keravunath ipol avar stop cheythu ITengineers/scientist matre ipol India um vere countries il ninnum visa kodukunullu

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