10 thoughts on “A new migrant caravan: 2,000 Honduran migrants traveling toward Mexico”

  1. we will receive them with bread, water and law, we will fill the papers and conduse them to the correct way back. let’s pray for everyone

  2. I can’t even locate a house, these Mexicans are everywhere plus their yards and porches are filthy and they keep a lot of junk like a junkyard, and they are filthy people.

  3. In a matter of days this illegal movement swelled from 7,000 to over 14,000. Of which 70-80% are men under the age of 35.

  4. 2000 thats all? the USA will take them in. The US is a very good nation, with very nice people. Americans will help. 🙂

  5. // Their Coming To America For A New People To Murder ,Rape , Rob And To Kill Americans With Drugs. !!

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