20 Tips to Prepare You for Moving to New Zealand

Here are my top tips for helping you move to New Zealand! A step by step guide of things you will need to do as well as some tips and things to know, with comparisons to life in the United States. Choosing where to live, finding a job, finding a place to live, what to pack, expenses, and culture.

More NZ tips – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLU_lUDBq5HMxAOEIJjtfY6_Tqu4CQ-Gvb

NZ Cost of Living Calculator – https://www.newzealandnow.govt.nz/living-in-nz/money-tax/comparable-living-costs

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15 thoughts on “20 Tips to Prepare You for Moving to New Zealand

  1. i’vebeen trying and trying to talk my wife into moving there for 2 years now. I am in florida. I think the issue I found was job hunting. i contacted a few companies in the industry I am in (life insurance), and its very limited there. I’ve heard getting a job anywhere in NZ is hard to come by, especially for someone coming from another country. great video, i’m very jealous haha

  2. Hi Mari, this is an excellent video. Very informative. Here in Australia, we used to be able to travel to New Zealand without any passports or anything else, though that has changed in recent years. I would love to see a video about how you prepared to move from living in Australia to living over there. That would describe fairly similar to if any of us here decided to move there. My mum was born in New Zealand and some of her relatives still live over there. What exactly is an IRD number? Is that something like an ABN number here in Australia? We need an ABN number with our income tax here. You are right about the cold houses. Back in April 1974, I stayed with relatives in Wellington. It was very cold at the time and I kept suggesting of walking into the open fireplace and sitting in the fire to keep warm!!! My relatives didn’t think that was a good idea. LOL. Thanks again for sharing. All the best, Robert.

    1. Cheers Robert! IRD stands for Inland Revenue Department and it’s like the TFN in Australia. Haha glad you didn’t go into the fire!

  3. new zeland white peole are racist or indirectly racist and the maori people are uncle toms. so much unnecessary restriction its like going thru security for middle school play but they treat it like the Super Bowl. things are ridiculously overpriced like ferry rides and tours. the cbd area is so dirty too many drunk homeless people. the infrastructure of the building and stores are so outdated.

  4. The alcohol ID situation is a weird one, we had real problems in the Auckland area and on the north shore. However pretty much everywhere else we weren’t even asked for ID! when we went to the Hobbiton evening meal I was panicking as I had left my passport at the accomodation!

    I needed my beer at the green dragon, but as it turned out it wasn’t a problem.

    1. Yay I’m glad you got your beer at the green dragon!! And that you didn’t have too much trouble. In my experience it’s the worst at supermarkets

  5. One thing I would say is to make sure to wear sunscreen everyday. Even on cooler or overcast days since the sun is so harsh in NZ.

  6. Thank you for this Mari! I’m heading to New Zealand in about 2 months with the working holiday visa so I’m thankful you chose this topic! A question I had was whether or not a car is necessary. After you mentioned the gas prices I got a little apprehensive, but I know that the public transport can’t always take you exactly where you need to go based on my research. Any thoughts you have would be helpful as I start to build my budget! Thanks!

    1. Good timing! Well, if you wan to travel around and explore, a car is really the best way. It’s kind of just one of those costs that you have to figure in. You can get cheap bus tickets on Intercity sometimes, which is how I traveled around when I first came, but you definitely have more flexibility with a car. Luckily other travelers/people are always selling cars, so you can usually get one for a pretty good deal.

  7. I can detect  You absorbing a NZ accent .     I was there Yeas ago I was an Extra in Xeena, Hercules and Lord of the Rings … Might go back to meet the friends I made there.Good Tips !

    1. Whoa that’s so cool! I wish I could’ve been in Lord of the Rings! What was it like? What kind of character were you! And Xena too – sweet as!

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