10 Interesting Facts About The Appalachian Mountains

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In this video a present 10 interesting facts about the Appalachian Mountains. Enjoy! And feel free to comment and add your own expertise. I love the mountains, so the more information the better! Lots of links to follow! Check them all out!


Just Fun Facts



13 Interesting Facts About the Appalachians

National Park Service

13 Interesting Facts About the Appalachians

Act For Libraries

Facts about the Appalachian Mountains

Parks and Recreation New Hampshire


White Mountain National Forest

Precious Gems of the Appalachian Mountains

Marshell Chandler

Ouachita Mountains, satellite: Jesse Allen & Robert Simmon, NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS, U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team
geologic maps:  U.S.  Geological Survey

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17 thoughts on “10 Interesting Facts About The Appalachian Mountains

    1. Well, it made a nice change from the usual mispronunciation of apple-LAY-tcha

    2. Hey Michael! Check out the link I pinned at the top! It’s my mea culpa about the pronunciation!

    3. I actually only clicked on this to see if you pronounced the name correctly. I was happy until I seen you say you were pronouncing it wrong. In the nountains of North Carolina, It’s App-uh-latch-in.

    4. I don’t know if you’ll see this but I’ll put it out there. I’m sorry you have to put up with so many people fussing about the way you pronounced Appalachia. When I was young (a long long long time ago) it use to get on my nerves when I heard someone do the sshh instead of cchh thing.🙄 sigh
      Then I grew up and moved around and had trouble pronouncing names of a variety of different places ( a find native American one the most difficult). To bad people have to get old to learn not to be smartasses.😏

  1. The LDS More-mon “Prophet” Joseph Smith & Brigham Young and all of the original “founders” of LDS More-monism, who were also relatives of Joseph Smith, were born in the Applachians.

    Joseph Smith sent scouts to find a place to move the LDS H.Q. and one of the places recommended was Dahlonega,Georgia in the Applachian Mtns. in N. Georgia.

    But the Jesuit Priest Jean Pierre de Smet visited Brigham Young at Winter Quarters and instructed Brigham Young to take his band of LDS More-mons to the Salt Lake Valley.

    Brigham Young being an anti-God Jesuit/Zionist Rothschild Freemason agent thru Rothschild’s Harriman Loeb-Kuhn Bank in Cleveland,Ohio, 18 mi. from Kirkland,Ohio :.

  2. The site of the 1st major gold rush in USA was in the N.Georgia Mtns.
    Said to the best quality of gold there.

    ~12 mi. North of Dahlonega on Hwy 19 to Suches & Woody’s Gap is a Ridge called “Flaming Mtn.” by Indians, for at times the Mtn. would be engulfed in flames but nothing would be burned.

    There is also healing waters, called Porter Springs, where the world’s elites would come and stay at a hotel & bathe in the water to be healed, at the turn of the 20th century.

    ~10 mi. East of Flaming Mtn. (actually a ridge) is Mount Yonah. Yonah is an Oriental word meaning female productive organ. U.S. Army has a Ranger base near there and where Tony Ledford was once an instructor.

    There are rumors of little people similar to Irish leprucans in the area & rock warfare like walls running thru-out the area.

    The LDS More-mon “Prophet” Joseph Smith thought of moving the main body of More-mons to the area.

    In esoteric “philosophy”, fire is male principle, Yonah is female principal and the perfect offspring is gold and the gold there is the best quality.
    Then there are the healing waters there. :.

  3. Born, raised, and live in North Florida and I love going to the Mountains every year. Try to go to a different state every year to visit. Just got back from Biltmore, and Cades Cove in Tennessee. People are nice and friendly, scenery is peaceful and relaxing. Going to retire in the Appalachian mountains and find some property with a nice stream running through it.

  4. Hello. Just stopping by to support your work and thank you for your support! I have sent you my email address also. I love your channel and to be supported by you is truly an honor.

  5. I was born in Welch West Virginia and I am a big supporter of the state that I see so much potential in. I created a mini series about the people of Welch titled ‘This is Welch’ which I hope shows the community for what it is and dispels some of the hype around Appalachian people. I would appreciate any support from anyone who finds this topic interesting. Please view, like, and subscribe. Thank you.

    1. Yes, I totally messed up, and didn’t even realize until weeks later. Here’s the really funny part, only a few people have noticed! Regardless, thank you so very much for watching! I don’t make that mistake in my other Crazy Fact videos. BUT I make plenty of other mistakes! Thanks for commenting!

  6. Great video Bill…much thanks for some very interesting facts…I am just beginning my travels next year with three beautiful grand daughters that I am blessed to be raising. We are taking a year off from the traditional school system to go “exploring” a little around this beautiful continent … The Appalachians have always interested me…so regardless of critics, it was a great video to give me the flavor of it all…I did not know that one could actually hike the entire range…WOW…now that might consume the entire year…haha…Thanks so much…looking forward to more now that I’ve found your channel.

    1. I’m so grateful you enjoy our videos! Caroline and I are exploring the Alleghenies these days, which are also a part of the Appalachians. We love it! Thank you so much for watching, and thanks for your comment!

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